Сухой Су-57
Sukhoi Su-57 in colours

14 March 2021
Updated Sukhoi Su-57 air intake analysis with perspective view, some details of air conditioning system

17-20 February 2021
Sukhoi Su-57 informations revised and updated
completely reworked drawings of serial Su-57 51002
electronic suite, some technical devices and air intake analysis

PAK FA Prospective Frontline Aviation System - Sukhoi Su-57

1 March 2021
БПЛА Беспилотный летательный аппарат С-70Б «Охотник-Б»
UCAV Unmanned Combat Aerial Vehicle S-70B „Hunter-B”

5 April 2021
slightly corrected drawings

UCAV S-70 Okhotnik

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